Friday, 29 March 2013

Introducing the awesome Scruffs Edinburgh Dog Bed !  Reviewed by Grace.  This bed is made of very high quality and is perfect to keep your Miniature Dachshund warm during these cold nights and days.  The material is of excellant standards and is very soft for your dog(s) to lay on.  To buy one just click on the link below.  

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cooper Custurd !

We decided to give Cooper a treat by giving him the custurd carton....he was a lot keener to get the custurd at the bottom of the carton than we though....take a look LOL

Friday, 22 March 2013

Dachshunds OCD !

Why is it that Dachshunds Insist on taking FOREVER to do the toilet outside when is freezing cold and blowing a gale ??? I waited 30mins for Cooper to stop walking around in the same circles last night...drives me bonkers lol

Monday, 11 March 2013

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Introducting our daughter Grace

Grace was a little nervous with her first video but is very keen to do lots more.  She is the best daughter anyone could wish for and with a bit of confidence will bring you lots more product reviews and fun videos.  Please do rate her on youtube to boost her confidence and thankyou to all of you that do, she will really appreciate it a lot.

Silly Dachshund !

....he won't give up lol

Cooper goin mental at Crufts again

Hounding us for scraps !

They both get well and truly spoilt with treats but insist on laying waiting for scraps lol...cheeky buggers !

4 seasons in 1 day again

Typical Northern Ireland....sunny one minute and lots of hail the next. Cooper wasn't impressed, and Dizzy wouldn't hang about for a photo lol

Check out my new website pages !

I have made some adjustments to my main website can I ask anyone who is reading my blog to give it a go and tell me if there are any issues, new ideas or anything in general you think I'd like to know about ?

The website doesn't work well on IPads as I'm not clever enough to set it up on there yet but should bring a couple of very basic pages up on mobiles.

Thankyou to all that can help me
Take care

The life of a Miniature Dachshund

lol oh how I'd love to be a Dachshund ! Lay about all day and stuff my belly as much as I can.

A rarity in Northern Ireland !

Cooper enjoying the sunlight beaming through the window.....something that doesn't happen often in Northern Ireland

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cooper enjoying crufts

Cooper was goin mental at the black haired dogs but none of the others....must be his favourite colour lol

Drowned rats

Cooper and Dizzy will never learn lol they pestered us to go out for a walk and in the end Lara took them out for a long walk in the pouring rain.  They came back looking very sorry for themselves all soakin wet lol  That's the major downside to living in Northern rains 99% of the year !

Dizzy's First Litter

Dizzy's First Litter 

I know this is late of course but so I can sort of catch up with my two Miniature Dachshunds, Dizzy had a lovely litter of puppies on the 12th October 2012.  There was 2 boys and 2 girls, one each of shaded red and also black and tan.  They all were fantastic to have with us (apart from the persistant barking and mess cleaning 5+ times a day lol  We named them (from left to right in the photo) Hope, Faith, Google and Lincoln and their new names (again from left to right) with their new owners are Lucy, Winnie, Harley and Sparkie.  They all went to lovely families and homes in December 2012.  We hope to have more litters but for now we want to give Dizzy a rest.  Please click the link under the photo above to see lots more photos of the puppies.  Our Kennel Club name is 'Ballythistle' should you ever come across it.

Mister Cooper

Mister Cooper
Here he is, our Cooper (or Coops as he is sometimes known).  He was born in Northern Ireland.  He is a big softy again with lots of character.  He is a very quiet dog and has a BIG appetite !  He will occassionally run or play but enjoys just laying if you see any photos here of him honoured !  I have some videos of him on Youtube of when he used to play as a puppy that I'll post at some point.  His tricks are 'Sit' (great lol) and when he can be bothered he'll do 'High Five' when he lifts his paw to yours.  His bad habits are laying across the bed if he lays with us, he has severe OCD when he goes to the toilet and will always go anticlockwise round the garden before taking up to 40 minutes before he decides to pee...or no 2 lol  Oh yeah and when we have to go out he will dig and bark the entire time we are think I'm exagerating ?  nope...we filmed him one day and he literally dug for the entire time, this is the reason why he has front paws like a pro boxer !

Little Miss Dizzy

Little Miss Dizzy

Well here is a photo of our Dizzy (or Dizz Dozz as she is sometimes known).  She was born in Southern Ireland, in Dublin.  She is a right wee character, very energetic (when she wants to be ! lol) and full of life.  She absolutely LOVES attention and doesn't like Cooper getting love in anyway....she will basically barge in and push him out the way lol  Outside she loves running a lot (as you can see) and loves having a go at any other matter what size they are ! Her bad habits are refusing to go out to do the toilet when it's cold or wet and will crawl or hide and her other bad habit is taking food from her bowl elsewhere and making a mess on the carpet.  Her tricks are 'Beg', 'Speak' and 'Rollover'.  She has a funny thing where if you keep saying 'Rollover !' she will go absoltely nuts barking...screaming and having a right go at Cooper.  She has been the mum of one litter of 4 (2 shaded red and 2 black and tans).  I'll post a photo of the puppies shortly.  I'm sure you will get to know her very well.

Welcome !

Little Miss Dizzy and Mister Cooper
Cooper (left) and Dizzy (right)

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd start by introducing myself.  My nickname is 'Norrie' I am 31 years old and the owner of the popular website  We currently live in Northern Ireland but hope to move to Lincoln in 2014.  Myself and my wife, Lara, own two Miniature Dachshunds Kennel Club named 'Little Miss Dizzy' and 'Mister Cooper' (aka Dizzy and Coops).  They are both Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds, Cooper is 4 years old and Dizzy is 3 years old.  I've added a photo of them both above.  I'll post what they are like seperately.

For now please do follow my blog as I intend to keep it running now, and also feel free to go to my main website and share it with others.